Shree S.Naagheash

When we think globally it is indeed proved beyond doubt that we can achieve anything and everything by taming our mind power. There are innumerable techniques to improve mind power such as NLP (Neurolinguistic programme), Silva method and etc. At the same time there are hidden treasures of spiritual healing techniques which heal mind, body and soul also. Normally our perspective is only on our physical body but, truth is we are guided and framed by our astral connections which I want to share periodically through my web as a benfitier, healer and a tutor and a man with practicality.

As I have learnt Reiki and spiritual techniques I want to remember and Thank each and every Guru who has thought me the eternal way of healing ones difficult and prove wrong there is something beyond imagination. Great Master nearest to my heart in my spiritual journey are: Himalayan Master Sri Swami Rama Guruji,

Sri Thapaswijimaharaja Guruji who lived for 145 years, Sri Jai Krupanandaswami Guruji,A Saint from Himalaya, Sri Ramakrishna Guruji, Sri Rajashekhara Boosanoormath from Dharwad,

And several master guides, references from many well-known renowned scholars, professional and many more beloved friends who are in the part of my journey. But inclined towards spiritual aspects. And Immense Interest in wild life photography and a dedicated associate of late Sri E Hanumantha Rao, a world recognized wild life photographer. Serves as a president for youth photographic society Bangalore, India. Lover of music had a inclination to a musical instrument flute and once student of Sri Narasimha Vadavattre a famous international clarinet practitioner.