Aura and Chakra Scanning and Healing

When we experience strong emotions or trauma, we alter our energy body. Trauma, frustration, anger, jealousy and even intense love can cause a form of "energetic congestion" to be stored in your chakras and body. When this congestion gets stored in your chakras, it can manifest as physical pain or ailments, and even block you from creating a satisfying life. When you have congested energy in your physical body, it can manifest as tension, headaches, and general aches and pains.

I scan your chakras, body and aura and locate areas of congested energy, pain, and repressed, stored emotional trauma. I tell you what you are holding onto and assist you in releasing it from your Being completely. Then, acting as a conduit of the Divine, I bring in the High-Vibration Love and Light of Creator to take the place of the lower, congested energy you released.

This brings about an amazing, and often instantaneous, change within a person that is usually instantly felt as warmth, calmness and serenity. It is very common for ailments and life situations to suddenly and spontaneously correct themselves after a session!

Pendulum Dowsing

Perhaps, dowsing is best known for locating water (dowsing for water), gold, oil, and other minerals, but dowsers have also used pendulum dowsing to find missing keys, eyeglasses, jewelry, and literally anything they put their minds to.

Pendulum dowsing has also been called "divining" for its ability to provide information and predict the future. The term "pendulum dowsing" is often used to refer to the search for specific targets, while the term "pendulum divining" is most often used in reference to seeking precise information.

The Diamond Pendulum can be used in the dowsing and divining quest for objects or information of any kind. It can be used to answer all yes/no questions, and people often call it "The Truth Teller" because of its extraordinary accuracy.


Numerology uses a methodical system of conversion to change names and dates into a numeric value. Every word, every name carries with it a vibratory meaning that contains a deeper esoteric and metaphysical meaning.It is these foundational meanings that help to shape and form not only our lives, but our destinies and the world as well.Some of the things Numerology can reveal include:

  • Discover the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime
  • Recognize your ideal vocation and motivational interests
  • Find the hidden characteristics of your soul
  • Meet your “Secret Self” which lies in your heart
  • Remember your talents and discover some new talents that are laying dormant
  • Learn how your actions are influenced by outside energies
  • Discover how other people see you
  • Find out what type of First impression you make to others
  • See what traits you need to develop in this lifetime
  • Uncover your secret aims and goals in life
  • Recognize your personal qualities which are ever present
  • Find the best areas of growth in your life
  • Meet the obstacles which will hinder your personal goals
  • Explore short comings from previous lives which must be changed
  • Learn qualities to balance your Karma and Karmic Lessons
  • See the best times to begin your projects or endeavors
  • Plus many, many more!

    Pranic Healing

    Divination is the art of seeing and interpreting signs in everything around us. The goal of shamanic divination is to encourage well-being by helping a person live in harmony with the universe around them. One of the best known systems of divination is the I Ching, or Book of Changes. For some 3,000 years, people have turned to the I Ching to help them uncover the meaning of their experience and to bring their actions into harmony with their underlying purpose. You can call on it to help with any question you have.

    Face Reading

    Face Reading is documented being used approximately 3,000 years ago. Face reading is the art of analyzing the different elements of a person’s face. Each element corresponds to a different organ, sense and emotion. It also relates to a different season, process and transformation. It takes into account the shape of the following features of your face: ears, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheek, nose, mouth and chin. An analysis of this nature may be used in the treatment of constitutional imbalances.

    Past Life Regression

    Past Life Regression is a Holistic Healing Modality because it works on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It transports one back to those times before one’s birth and regresses one to previous lifetimes. This is done to sort out problems that a person may be experiencing in the present. The reason for undertaking Past Life Regression is to improve the spiritual quality of our life, right now. Its chief objective is to make our life easier, better and more fulfilling, in this present moment. Past Life Regression addresses the root cause and it enables extremely deep change to take place at the very source of the problem. It directly addresses the internal cause.

    Child Counselling

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