Using pendulum dowsing to determine negative energy, to cure health problems and correct the Vaasthu of a place.

Using pyramids for Vaasthu corrections means no demolition or physical alterations to the existing structure. This method was impacted by doing extensive research on pyramids and methods of Vaasthu correction without destruction of the existing structure. The PyraVastu with the aims at spreading the use of Vaasthu Shastra in general public for good health, prosperity and life without stress. Our belief is that this science should reach each and every person in the world.

We believe that Vaasthu Shastra is nothing but a science of energy balance surrounding you. PyraVastu explores new, scientific methods of energy balance to achieve optimum health, prosperity and success. These concepts include time-tested techniques like Mystic Pyramid, Fengshui, Vaasthu, Metal Power, Chinese Acupressure and Universal Magnetic Force etc. Precise combination of these techniques induce energy, revitalize your body and gives peak performance.